Should I invest in a rental property? The proverb “You have to spend money to earn money” rings particularly true in this situation. The long-term financial benefits of real estate investing readily justify the acquisition price, as many successful investors will attest. Should I spend money on a Brisbane buyers agent is a similar but more contentious subject. But before we act hastily, it’s crucial to elaborate on the first query. You can see how accurate (or wrong) an investor may be by taking a brief look at the statistics pages at the back of this magazine. To start, the financial benefits of investing in real estate are not guaranteed. It is also clear that a variety of variables affect how much capital growth a property will enjoy, and it takes some research to find this out.

This is where a Brisbane buyers agent, sometimes known as a buyer’s advocate, is useful. According to Justin Lilburne, a brisbane buyers agent with JPP Buyer Advocates, one of their main responsibilities is to provide customers recommendations on where and what to purchase. According to Lilburne, investing well today might result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars and profits of hundreds of thousands of dollars in ten years.

To do this, it is necessary to first comprehend the client’s long-term objectives and how they might be met given their available resources and timescale. It is essential that the buyer has an understanding of their goals in order to accomplish this. They can be aiming for long-term capital growth, good cash flow, or adding value via remodeling or subdivision. Choosing the correct home isn’t difficult, but many purchasers go in without completing their research, according to Lilburne.

Use this guide when dealing with Brisbane buyers agent

The Brisbane buyers agent’s participation in the negotiating phase is another crucial duty. An investor might lose a lot of money during the intense stress and/or excitement of making an offer, according to Miriam Sandkuhler, a Brisbane buyers agent with Property Mavens. “People tend to lose control and overpay for property when they are under pressure and very emotional,” the author claims.

Specifically, having a knowledgeable Brisbane buyers agent will guard you from being duped by underquoting selling agents, and in a competitive market, it may make the difference between purchasing a house and repeatedly losing out, according to Sandkuhler.


Using a Brisbane buyers agent may be an excellent approach for folks who are new to investing to understand the fundamentals of the procedure. For every property we pursue, “we offer a documented report,” claims Lilburne. This serves as a guide and enables our customers to make an educated choice based on accurate and current information.

In fact, many seasoned investors now realize they might have done better with the first property they purchased if they had the correct assistance. Buyers’ brokers may assist buyers in avoiding novice errors such as purchasing in the incorrect location or spending too much money. A Brisbane buyers agent may also assist anybody who lacks time or is perplexed by the market and contradictory advice from selling agents, developers, and property hawkers, according to Sandkuhler.

They usually work in time-constrained professions that depend on someone else to provide them a result, or they are under stress and unsure of what to seek for or purchase. Additionally, the marketplace is flooded with inconsistent information, she adds.

The three major reasons to engage a Brisbane buyers agent, according to Lilburne, are a lack of time, expertise, and/or understanding of the bargaining process. Another crucial element is that some Brisbane buyers agents provide a service in which they are solely responsible for the negotiation or auction bidding. To put it another way, the buyer discovers the property, and the Brisbane buyers agent ensures they get the best deal.

The entire search and acquisition service falls under the second category of services. With this service, they look for, examine, assess, and negotiate the ideal property for your requirements.

Use this guide when dealing with Brisbane buyers agent

How to recognize a quality Brisbane buyers agent

Realizing that there are several sorts of buyers’ agents and that some are more suited to investors than others is the first step in choosing the proper one.

According to Sandkuhler, some buyers’ agents are generalists while others have a specialized area of knowledge and may focus on dealing with investors or purchasers. This is crucial because investors need an analytical approach since the statistics need to add up for them to make a good profit. However, since the house must fulfill their specific demands, homeowners must go through an emotional journey.

In the end, Lilburne advises looking for someone who is completely licensed, with the necessary credentials, and has at least 10 years of experience working as a Brisbane buyers agent. He advises that you also check to see whether they have a predetermined cost. This is crucial because if they want a portion of the ultimate purchase price, the Brisbane buyers agent can be incentivized to avoid negotiating for the best deal.


When hiring a Brisbane buyers agent, there are a few crucial items to keep an eye out for. According to Sandkuhler, many buyers’ agents were formerly selling agents, so just because they are familiar with real estate transactions doesn’t guarantee they have investing knowledge.

“Buying or selling real estate doesn’t make you an investing expert; it only means that you may be familiar with price or the negotiating process,” the expert asserts.

But it doesn’t imply you automatically possess the knowledge and abilities to recognize the factors that influence one property’s performance over another. They might also be project marketers or real estate shills who charge a “membership fee” but really get a commission from a developer while posing as buyers’ representatives.

According to Sandkuhler, these individuals are certainly not Brisbane buyers agents, and neither are those who ‘discover’ you a home by scanning their database of development stock yet get payment from the seller.

Use this guide when dealing with Brisbane buyers agent

The following individuals are others to be cautious of:

Those who name themselves Brisbane buyers agents and unlawfully charge for this service even if they are not authorized to act as estate agents or agents’ representatives in their state or registered with the Business Licensing Authority or Fair Trade.

Individuals that suggest real estate in a very ‘salesy’ manner and make hasty customer turnover attempts. Those who behave or think more like a selling agent than a Brisbane buyers agent; for instance, they do not advocate for the buyer while negotiating contract terms throughout the transaction.

Buyer’s agencies that sell new and off-the-plan properties as well as group/block projects but are not a “sole emphasis” on buyers. This indicates that they don’t always put their whole attention on the purchasers and will instead look for ways to make the sale of a home simpler for you. In order to get a result, they would advise their customers to “overpay” for real estate.

Unfortunately, a lot of these “buyers’ agents” are in a great position to take advantage of the kind of clients who often utilize the service—namely, inexperienced or time-pressed investors. This is so because neither of these groups often have the expertise nor the time necessary to thoroughly examine the self-described professional for whom they are paying.

Last but not least, the cost of the Brisbane buyers agent might be prohibitive for investors with limited funds, especially when it is added to the price they are paying for the property (and all its additional expenses). Additionally, if you want to expand your portfolio rapidly, you will need to pay this charge again, which may soon mount up.

For this reason, some new investors choose to pay for education, which may be a one-time cost that covers a variety of real estate investment topics, such as taxation, finance, and market analysis.